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helping seniors protect their assets

Prepare . . . Protect . . . Preserve
For one reason or another, most seniors postpone their decision to
put their estate  in order.  Either they can't decide on a planner they
feel comfortable with, or  they  find the process intimidating.

American Senior Advisors eases the process with sincerity and
respect, and by explaining, in layman's terms, how seniors can
protect their assets and preserve their estates.   

American Senior Advisors coordinates experts in each area
working together to fully address your estate planning needs,
whatever the size of your estate.  If your estate is small in value, you
may focus simply upon who is to receive your assets after your
death.  If your estate is larger, you'll not only want to focus on who is
to receive your assets, but also various ways to preserve your
assets for beneficiaries and to reduce or postpone the amount of
estate tax.

No matter the size, a sound estate plan has more than one
component.  To that end, American Senior Advisors offers
Strategic Estate Planning (SEP) which incorporates three
phases of protection.
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